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£1.501 x Cloakroom book 1-1000 

1 x Cloakroom book 1-1000 £ 1.50 In stock

1 x Cloakroom book 1-1000

Standard cloakroom raffle books with large easy read numbers. Available with either 1-500 or 1-1000 tickets. Both types have counterfoils and are security coded. Book size: 105mm x 140mm. Individual ticket size: 48mm x 28mm. Colour may vary.

Approx. ticket size: 48mm x 28mm
Approx. Book size: 105mm x 140mm
1-500 Cloakroom book packets contain 12 books, mixed colours
1-1000 Cloakroom book packets contain 10 books, mixed colours
1-500 or 1-1000 books

Individual or Packet



(£1.80 including VAT)

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