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£11.501 x Members Draw Book - No.5 White 

1 x Members Draw Book - No.5 White £ 11.50 In stock

1 x Members Draw Book - No.5 White

This is another method to hold a tote draw, instead of selling your customers fixed numbers you let them write their own number down. Each book contains 1000 tickets (10 tickets per page split with a perforation) and an NCR counterfoil sheet. The book could also be used as a raffle book or for quickie bingo. There are five different coloured books to choose from, which is ideal for those holding multiple draws on the same night.

  • Members draw book 1 = Green
  • Members draw book 2 = Yellow
  • Members draw book 3 = Blue
  • Members draw book 4 = Pink
  • Members draw book 5 = White
Approx. size: A4 (297mm x 210mm)
1000 tickets per book



(£13.80 including VAT)

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